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View+ is a Pay To View platform designed for trendy and motivated viewers who love to carry their entertainment where ever they go. The platform delivers quality and original video content to a wider audience in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world. 99% of contents on The platform are originally produced and owned by the platform's creators. Contents available comprise Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos,, Poetry and Spoken Word, Features, Documentaries, Tech, Inventions and Futuristic focused Programs, Sports and Games, Shows + More... Checkout the free section called VFlix that does not require subscription to watch. Everything there is free of charge. You can watch View+ on any connected gadget in 177+ countries.
DAILY (24hrs) 1 GHS for users in Ghana and 1 USD for users in other countries | WEEKLY (7 Days) 5 GHS for users in Ghana and its USD equivalent for users in other countries. | MONTHLY (30 Days) 20 GHS for users in Ghana and its USD equivalent for users in other countries. | YEARLY (365 Days) 200 GHS for users in Ghana and its USD equivalent for users in other countries.
You can enjoy viewplus on any internet connected Desktop Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Screen Magnifier | Xbox and Smartwatch will soon be added.
MOBILE PAYMENTS | We accept payment via mobile payments for users in Ghana. You can pay via MTN MoMo and Vodacash DEBIT CARD | We accept payment via VISA and MASTERCARD Debit Cards. PAYPAL | We also accept Paypal payments Kindly chat us on whatsapp +233267171555 for further clarification
Unlike other platforms that forcibly tie you to the use of traditional or legacy mobile data in order to gain connection and access, we give you the freedom to use any form of internet to enjoy viewplus. Data, WiFi, Routers, shared internet, dedicated or even satellite internet.
With the exception of DAILY & WEEKLY subscriptions, you are free to cancel a MONTHLY or YEARLY subscription anytime, anywhere. Though we will love to have you use viewplus all the time, if for any reason you decide to cancel any subscription before its expiration date, we will gladly grant that wish as soon you make that request via our cancel subscription form.